Rezia’s Handloom

Rezia Wahid is a textile expert, who has developed and built a handloom at her home. She hand weaves textiles and is working on creating something very near the legendary historical Bengal muslin. With this in mind, she named her endeavour ‘woven air’ in the spirit of the reputation of the superfine fabrics. Rezia Wahid demonstrating hand weaving to the project participants

The Heritage Fashion Recreators were taken on a visit to Rezia’s loom to see how actually the hand-weaving takes place. This was to give the participants a sense of the method of hand-weaving, how much time it takes and the difficulties involved. At the workshop, Rezia provided a demonstration and wove a small amount of textile, with explanations of the process. She also shared her own story of involvement in textiles and the development of the loom.

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