HMB – An healthy in Mind and Body project

HMB was a three-year rolling program focusing on five-theme: 
  • Raising awareness of mental ill-health issues, indicators and how to get support. 
  • Bringing local people back to the community [safely]. 
  • Facilitating access to professional community services. 
  • Improvement of social networks. 
  • Reduction of isolation and mental health development.  

The project has delivered all the activities contained in the original proposal. However, as this project re-profiled the original 12-month work programme into ten months, the delivery sequences of some of the activities were revised without affecting the outcomes in the original proposal.  

The project recruited about 50 individuals (2 intakes of 14 and 2 intakes of 11; 32 women and 18 men) aged 18 to 60 to the programme, and one of them left early to undertake some other activities. The project coordinator worked with each participant to develop an individual action plan, including setting goals/targets. This was reviewed regularly, and participants were encouraged and supported to work towards their goals. 

In addition to our weekly health sessions on Tuesday (women) and Saturday (Men), we have delivered the following workshops and trips aimed at raising health awareness and confidence building:  

  • Barriers to Mental Health (confidence building) in September 2022 
  • Mental Health and Stress Management (health promotion) in September 2022 
  • Breast Cancer Awareness (health promotion) in October 2022 
  • Day trip to Idea Store (Library – confidence building) in November 2022 
  • Day trip to the Tower of London (Historical and heritage) in December 2022 
  • Day trip to St Paul’s Cathedral (Historical and heritage) in February 2023.  

Notably, The Sewing Project and Urban Gardening Project activities have proven extremely productive and popular in overcoming social isolation and promoting social inclusion. For example, disadvantaged and excluded women came together, socialised in a community setting and gained inclusive access to community services regarding personal development and improving life opportunities. In addition, some of the targeted mental health awareness and stress management workshops enabled them to gain the necessary skills to promote and achieve positive social, personal and health development.    

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